Unopened Printer Ink Cartridges – The Wise Way of Dealing with Printer Ink Surplus

unopened printer ink cartridgesUnopened printer ink cartridges from your old printers can still be used. A lot of people somehow end up with additional ink cartridges that they can no longer use. For example, if a business office likes to buy things in bulk as part of a larger transaction with suppliers, the company will end up with a lot of surplus ink supplies in case they change their printer model. So when you buy printer ink cartridges in bulk, you run the risk of getting stuck with an unopened package of ink.

Here’s how to deal with unopened ink cartridges for your printer.

Dealing with unopened printer ink cartridges wisely

  • How long can unopened cartridges last?
  • Can I use expired and unopened cartridges?
  • How to dispose of unopened cartridges

1.How long can unopened cartridges last?

The most important thing you should know about an unopened cartridge so you know what you should do about it is whether the ink inside the cartridge can still be used after a long time of not being opened and use. Does the ink dry up? Does the ink expire? How long does it take before the ink runs out or expires? The length of time the ink inside the cartridge can last also depends partly on the location and the temperature where you placed the cartridge. If your storage area is a cool and dry place, you can expect your ink to still be okay.

Usually, unopened printer ink cartridges can last for up to a maximum of two years without any effect on the ink it contains. However, this is still conditional. It only applies if the cartridge is properly stored. Some manufacturers place an expiration date on the cartridge, while some don’t. Sometimes, however, even when it’s way past the expiration date, the cartridge is still usable. As for those that don’t have expiration dates, it probably means the manufacturer is confident that the ink will not expire. However, this is still dependent on how you store the cartridge.

2. Can I use expired and unopened cartridges?

    A lot of people report using printer ink cartridges even though they are already past their expiration dates. Some printers may not allow you to use expired cartridges because some manufacturers are wise enough to place a sensor or a chip in the cartridge and the printer so the printer will know when an expired cartridge is being used. HP printers, in particular, are wired to detect the use of “near expiry” or “expired” ink cartridges. The notices from the printer might get frustrating, so better to replace the cartridges to prevent further problems.

    However, if your cartridge does not have an expiration date on it and your printer does not give any notifications, then the only thing you can do with your unopened cartridge is to try using it. The effect will depend on whether the ink has dried up. A lot of people say that the ink is usually still usable despite the expiration, but they also say that the print quality may not be the same. If there is any discrepancy as to the print quality, then stop using the cartridge.

    3. How to dispose of unopened cartridges?

      The common course of action to follow is to return the unopened cartridges to the seller. Since the cartridge is unopened, the chances of the seller accepting it as a refund is higher. However, sellers may set a limit on the amount of time that passed between the purchase and the return of the product, so this might not be an option if you’ve had the cartridge for quite some time.

      If you can’t return it to the seller, don’t just throw it in the trash. Remember that even though it is unopened, the ink content can leak out especially when the cartridge is put under pressure or receives heavy impact. This can cause pollution. There are companies that offer to buy expired and unopened ink cartridges from you, so you can even get some cash out of the cartridges.

      Expired but unopened ink cartridge for printer: Should you buy them?

      There are now a lot of sellers online who offer unopened ink cartridges for various printer models. These sellers offer the expired but unopened cartridges at very low prices. Some of the cartridges have expiration dates that date back to 2003 or 2005. Although this can be pretty tempting since brand new ink cartridges are pretty expensive already, you should not take the risk. There are other ink refill or ink replacement options out there that can help you save money and get brand new, perfect-quality ink. Unopened printer ink cartridges that are already expired can easily have an effect on your printer.